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Organization of transportation

We transport goods by rail all over Ukraine

There is no alternative to railway transport in Ukraine if you need to transport a large amount of cargo

Transportation of goods by rail is an efficient, safe and cost-effective type of land transportation. We can transport any amount of cargo, avoiding additional overloads along the route.

How to order cargo transportation?

We transport coal, coke, metal and other types of construction and industrial goods.

Step №1

You send a request indicating the type of cargo, the timing of transportation, as well as the station of departure and destination.

Step №2

We draw a contract and coordinate the loading schedule and provide railway wagons.

Step №3

We send the wagons to the destination station and provide tracking them down along the line. We will inform you about the arrival of the goods and the passing of the wagons for unloading.

In the contract, we fix our obligations to provide you with rolling stock according to the application.

 — Organization of  transportation
 — Organization of  transportation

Additional services


Railway wagons acceleration

Do you have a «burning» contract? Do you have a force majeure situation? Are you afraid of failing to deliver the goods on time? We can help to speed up your wagons along the route.

Railway wagons forwarding

The cargo is on its way, but there has arisen the need to change the destination station. Our managers can promptly help prepare documents for the forwarding.

Cost calculation

Leave your contact details in the feedback form and our manager will contact you to calculate the cost of transporting cargo and filling out an application for transportation. The final cost depends on the type of the wagons and their belonging to the owner, the distance of the transportation, the type and volume of cargo, technical features at the places of loading / unloading cargo.

Search for railway wagons

If your wagons are lost along the way — contact us. We will determine the station of their last disposition, and then track down their current location.

Data about railway wagons

Do you want to buy a wagon but you don’t know its technical parameters? Thanks to the availability of software, we will provide complete information about the configuration and technical characteristics of the wagon you take interest in.

Transportation Features


We consider each transportation individually: we take into account the business peculiarities of the client and the requirements for service provision.


The standard time for loading and unloading cargo is 24-48 hours and depends on the technical equipment of your enterprise.


We help save money: we know that saving is important for the enterprise, even if it is 1 hryvnia per ton of cargo.

Other services

We provide a range of services for the transportation of goods and maintenance of rolling stock


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We will calculate the cost and terms of your cargo transportation.

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